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  1. Hi there! A little about me... I’ve been a member of FMCA for about 9 months, but am new to the FMCA forums. I currently own a 2009 Monaco Diplomat 41 SKQ. I say currently because I’ve been into RVing and land camping for about 5 years and am on my 4th motorhome! I’m almost to the dream coach, but figure it’s at least one or two more away! Prior to becoming a coach owner, I was a boater for more than 30 years. Very similar lifestyles and systems, but different adventures! I am the Administrator for a Monaco group on Facebook and spent many hours on IRV2 prior to that. I’m always looking to learn and share my experiences (good and bad) with an interest of helping others. I look forward to spending some time on this site and look forward to meeting new people! Thanks for the add!
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