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  1. I appreciate everyone's input. I will update the post after I have decided on a solution. Thanks again.
  2. No our MH has very limited exterior storage. I only awning side storage is in rear outside the awning. I have attached a photo of the mount.
  3. We have an 06 FR Lexington, and I would like to add a fixed TV mount to the exterior. It would not be used often, but we would like the option to move the inside TV outside. The mount I purchased is a slide in mount, and is roughly 5"x5". The mounting holes are on the outside of the mount, no holes down the middle. Any suggestions on how to mount? Screws? Rivets? I think I have metal framing that I can locate and get one side of the mount into, but what fasteners should I use on the holes that do not lineup with a stud? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Doug
  4. Thanks for the help. I found the crimp on negative cable from the coach to the house batteries was bad. It was hanging by wire strands. Re-crimped, and all-is-well. Maybe that one breaker was part of the charging circuit?
  5. When the second leg (not the converter) is connected it goes immediately. I'll check if the breaker is warm. The problem with this other leg is I only know of 2-110 outlets, not sure what else is connected to it, if anything. I have taken the outlets out, and wire nutted the wires, and it still blows.
  6. jleamont, my converter is under the breaker box it can be removed from the circuit with a little work. The circuit does stay active when breaker is only connected to converter. Do you still think its is converter? You want me to run the other leg of the bottom breaker without converter connected? The water heater breaker is fine i took this pic early in my troubleshooting.
  7. Need some electrical help, the breaker box/converter (picture attached) is from an 06 Forest River Lexington MH. I have had this plugged into to a 20 amp GFI circuit in my garage on and off for the last year without issue. Last night I noticed my landscape lights out. They are on the same circuit the MH is plugged into. I unplugged landscape lights from circuit. I have narrowed the issue down to the bottom breaker. With bottom breaker on I trip any circuit it is plugged into. The only thing I know that isn’t working is front 110 outlets, and have everything unplugged. There are 2 legs off this bottom breaker, 1 goes to converter, and the other out to outlets, and not sure what else. I disconnected the outlet leg from the breaker, and circuit stays active. I pulled the outlets and put wire nuts on all wires, and still trip GFI breaker. Where else would this leg go? to batteries? I am not sure sure what labels (rep/com)for this circuit mean? The only thing I did with the rig yesterday was give it a bath.Any help would be Appreciated.
  8. Hope it's OK if I ask another newbie question here. My Ford chassis , and the Michelin tires have inflation limits of 65psi front, and 80psi rear. I spoke to Michelin dealer yesterday, and he stated always keep inflated to those numbers (65, 80). In doing some research I found I should inflate based on the weight riding on each tire(s). Do I go with the chassis max, or go to to a weigh station (fully loaded), and inflate based on the chart? Thanks Doug
  9. Thanks for the help, and laughs. We are excited for our first adventure! Doug
  10. We just purchased our first motor home. It is a 2006 Lexington M-255DS, and it is 26'. This rig does not have any on-board leveling. The previous owner said because it is a smaller rig he never had a need for any leveling devices, or chocks. I'm assuming I need both some type of leveling system, and chocks. My questions are: (any product recommendations would be appreciated) Will I need chocks? Will I need a leveling device/system? If I need to level the rig do I need to level both rear tires, or just the outside tire? Thanks Doug
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