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  1. I have a 2007 Winnebago view that needs to have slide out adjusted. I reached out to Winnebago and no luck. I watched numerous videos and none are my exact model. I have one motor and two gears that travel on a metal strip with grooves cut into metal not the teeth kind. Any support would be great. This is not hydraulic. The gears run on a strip of metal with cut outs that the gear teeth go into. I do not think I can slide gear to side because the gear teeth sit into the gear track with cut out holes on them.
  2. I think I got it. I desulfated all the batteries and fully charged them. Installed all of them and plugged it in and so far it is not tripping breaker. One battery I think was not fully charged and pulling to much juice. I just hope this fixes issue. Thanks to all for your input
  3. I tried GFCI and regular and they still pop breaker.
  4. It just tripped the breaker with inverter on. So, off to the battery store this weekend.
  5. Could be. It just seems that it worked before without me turning on inverter. Nothing was on when I flipped breaker and it would pop, so it should not have been pulling anything. However, I wonder if it was trying to compensate for something as the AC l(Alternate Current) light came on indicating power to RV. That breaker that kept popping controlled my AC light on my control panel. At least it works for time being. Thanks to all.
  6. Ok. I got an update. I went and turned on inverter and flipped breaker that kept tripping and it stayed on. I have never had to turn inverter on before being hooked up to shore power. Interesting!
  7. Rich, I am a 50 amp. Herman, No other items turned on. I just want to say Thanks for all your trouble shooting efforts.
  8. 20 amp and it controls microwave kitchen lights. It appears to control my AC power light on the wall. Since this issue the AC power light is off. I unplugged microwave and tried to plug in and it still tripped so microwave is not causing it.
  9. How can you tell if they are power share?
  10. I am unable to pop battery cover (maintenance free). I see corrosion on one of the battery terminals and I see what appears to be a exhaust "wet" spot on battery cover. This is same battery that has the gassing symptoms on the post. May be a bad battery. My inverter is a Heart Interface model is Freedom 20D (it is currently off and has been for a while as I use generator when I need power). I have a Inteli Power Model PD9160A for charging
  11. Blades to plug have been cleaned with sandpaper they are bright copper color. Batteries are about 5 years old. I will check water level. The standard breaker trips but sometimes the GFCI will trip.
  12. I have a 95 safari and the strangest thing happened. About a week ago I noticed the light sensor on the extension cord that i plug my rig into my house was off. I went ahead and went to garage and flipped breaker and nothing. I then checked the breaker in the RV and all breakers were on. I then reset the GFCI to the house and turned off all the breakers in the RV and then put them on one by one until it tripped breaker to garage. The breaker the RV never trips but I can hear the transfer switch pop out due to the fast I just popped to the house power. All fuses are good and not blown. So here is the odd thing. I turned on RV generator and power to the breaker that makes the garage breaker pop works fine and I have power to everything. I then turned off generator and got my mobile generator out and plugged it into the cord that plugs into the house from the RV and everything works. I then plug cord back into the house and the breaker pops. I am usually plugged into a 15 amp breaker when plugged into house. I then tried it on another plug that was 20 amp breaker and it pops that. Why would I get power when plugged into generator or mobile generator and not to house. All power works in RV when plugged into house except that one breaker (when turned on it pops house breaker). My RV batteries are at 3/4 charged and are green. Any ideas? Bad breaker for RV? House batteries pulling to much to keep them fully charged? Thanks
  13. I have a 1995 Safari Sahara and I noticed today that the "paint" was peeling on top of the roof. I was able to peel back some of this "paint" to discover a brand new torqoise color. The "paint does not feel like paint but ore of a thin "rubber" material. I did some research and I am confused. I found that the Safari Roof is a Filon Roof "Pebble fiberglass". I want to repaint roof but unsure of what to use (Do I use Marine Paint, rubber sealant, etc.,) I want to do it right but not sure what to do. DO I rip off stuff on it now and restart or just go over it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hey guys it is me again. I went ahead and took of plumbers tape from oil sensor and I even rewired it from oil sensor to dash board oil gauge. Needle still jumps. I think it may be the gauge. That is the last thing left. Does anyone know what the PN is or a oil gauge that will work? I do not see a PN on the gauge. Thanks
  15. Just to close this out...I went ahead and removed entire electronic shifting mechanism and tore it apart. I separated keypad from ECU and then opened up ECU and cleaned all brass connections and keypad metal contacts. Put it back together and worked good. There is a 3 second delay for each gear when I press D, N or R. At least it works. Thanks to all.
  16. Thanks a ton Wolfe. As long as it is not a major issue I fell better
  17. Code is d1 23 12. I will look up code and see if there is something I can do or if it as easy fix.
  18. I will try again tomorrow just to confirm that I did it right
  19. I did not drive it. Would not go into drive. I hit arrows once and arrow down. First touch was the OL and second touch was 70. I did it again and got - - symbols. Did I miss something? Do I have to clear codes? I
  20. I found this link. OL 70 is low sump oil temperature. http://westernstatestransmissions.com/html/trouble1.html i will get heat gun out and see. I will let you know
  21. Not sure if Tranny temp ever got to 70 degrees yesterday. I wonder if I use heat gun on it to warm up fluid if that will help. It has been cold nights. Fluid appeared to be clean and runny ( not thick like cold oil).
  22. Just checked it and it is full. It was cold and level is at dipstick mark
  23. i checked code using Wolfe's instructions. The display shows OL and then 70 then OL. I think OL is oil level and 70 appears to be sump pump temperature. I further looked and it could be air in line etc., I did not have any fluids changed for Tranny so maybe temperature? How would I warm up tranny. I let it idle for 15-20 minutes and it still did not work. Thoughts
  24. I also wonder if it is due to being cold. I did some research and they said cold can be an issue. it has been around mid 50's to low 30's here. I let it idle for 15 minutes and I got reverse and neutral to work but not drive. Some say the pad gets tough due to cold and does not get flexible enough to push down. There are no engine lights on dash. Would it still throw code? Can you give me the "how to"? Thanks Wolfe
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