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  1. Hi Richard. This is consistent in both shore and 12v power. I am going to try to disconnect from shore and then disconnect the batteries briefly when I return to the RV this afternoon. Hopefully it will reset?? I searched the manual but found no mention.
  2. And thank you for the welcome. We've been here a while, but mostly absorbing everything. We are now full timers (yippie!) and have encountered some rough roads. Shake, shake, rattle and roll...
  3. It just happened and yes, we've used our generator intermittently.
  4. We have a 2015 Tiffin Allegro, Open Road. This is our 4th year using it and for reasons unknown to us, our Monitor Panel is inverted. The printed fluids are named in correct order, but the digital readout is not only upside down, it is also backwards. Top to bottom, the readings are Fresh, Grey, Black, and LPG. The only full tank is the LPG, but the indicator shows Fresh is full and LPG is 1 bar. We can visually see that there is about 4 inches of water in the tank. The 12V battery indicator displays the numbers backwards. Any suggestions or words of wisdom? Our refrigerator trips whenever we disconnect from shore power, easily remdied by resetting the inverter. We did that thinking there may be some connection there but it didn't help. Thanks in advance.
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