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  1. Download speed is heavily impacted by heavy cell traffic. Also, if you're roaming (not hitting a Sprint cell tower), your data speed can suffer as well. Uploads can often be very fast, because most cell users aren't pushing data up. If any one of the three devices is streaming video, that will suck up most of the bandwidth. We haven't had success using any cell device to carry too much shared load.
  2. The FMCA plan is the BEST. First of all, if you're full timing, it is TRUE unlimited data. We have used the hotspot to stream video (probably the most data intensive activity possible) on our Roku. We own 5 Verizon hotspots that will be cancelled when we hit the 2 year mark - we were always running into a speed cap at 16GB. You can't throttle bandwidth from the modem, so if you try to do something data intensive, it will give you the highest bandwidth available, which can burn through your high speed allowance pretty quickly. We work from the RV, and basically burned through one hotspot every few days. 5 hotspots, 2 iPhones. Switched to the modem offered through TechConnect, and that's all we need. We keep a couple of Verizon units with us in case we hit a space where we don't have good Sprint connectivity. **Edit - the Sprint offering via Tech Connect is the only one with true unlimited bandwidth. The offer through Verizon has a higher cap than the one generally offered, but it does throttle back severely after you hit your data limit. That said, Verizon's coverage is better than Sprint's, so if you happen to spend a lot of time in a Sprint dead zone, it might not work for you.
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