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  1. I'm on Medicare and pay ZERO each month for a supplemental plan called an ADVANTAGE PLAN. My RX costs me $4 a month on the plan, thru Walmart pharmacy. Different states and counties have different plans to choose from. Check it out where you live... https://health.usnews.com/medicare
  2. I am well pleased with the plan in every way. It did take some effort to get it set up (one day), but absolutely no issues since. $49 a month for 25GB... what a deal. That's $2 a GB.... dirt cheap internet. I can type up the info of what I had to do to get setup, if anyone needs it.
  3. I bought the Blue Ox brand for my CRV. I got the lowest price's on eBay and Craigslist.
  4. Flat tow is the way to go ...
  5. I became a member and got my Verizon hotspot plan all in one-half day. I am well pleased, it is fast here and works perfect. Exact details are posted in the RV Internet to Go/Staying in Touch section of the forum. Thanks for the good internet deal.
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