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  1. Purchased our 2012 Thor 32A Windsport in 2014 with less than 5000 miles. Within 6 months the passenger seat began to crack and peel. We had an extended warranty on the unit and were told the upholstery was only covered for 1 year. That should have been our first clue. Over the course of the next year, the driver's seat and dining seats began to peel, leaving residue from the fragmenting leather and glue all over our unit and clothing. We contacted Thor in Elkhart requesting pictures that were sent. We were told that it was out of warranty and it would not be covered and IF the company would compensate at all, they would provide the same upholstery at cost to have reupholstered at my expense. That is the craziest part, who would pay thousands of dollars only to have this same cheap cover. Seriously! The unit was 3 years old by this time. To date all of the furniture including the free standing recliner is delaminating. Upon investigation, we have found that this is a very common problem. We have heard testimonies from their service people and the upholstery businesses in town. One shop keeps a sample of the shoddy material as an example of the problem. Thor consumer services argue that "women" use cleaning chemicals not meant for these units therefore causing this problem. Well not in this case. The upholstery was too fragile and the previous owner instructed me to use water only on spots if needed. That still does not explain why hard to reach areas are peeling. The real telling sign came from their local upholstery shop who informed us that a different material was used on the dashboard and foot plate of the sofa and the dinette which explains why those pieces are not peeling. Thor points to Flexsteel and Flexsteel points to Thor and the consumer is trapped in the middle. I am so ashamed of the interior of this unit that I will not invite anyone in to see it when we are at the rallies. My son did a Youtube presentation from the interior of this unit regarding his business. I was so mortified when I saw the presentation. All I could see over his shoulder was white "leather" strips dripping off the seat cushion. I was so embarrassed that I could not even concentrate on his message. We have been very patient waiting to see if Thor will do anything to rectify this problem. All we get is the run around. They all say they will look at it but no one ever does and no one ever gets back to us. The dilemma we have is that we really like our unit. The floor plan and size is perfect for us and we don't want to leave it. We have mixed emotions over our RV much like watching your mother-in-law driving over a cliff in your new Cadillac. If you are having similar problems with your Thor, let FMCA know by dropping them a line. If there are more complaining, maybe they'll do something. In the meantime, Happy RVing!
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