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  1. Not sure what happened but the power went out at the park I am staying at. I figured no problem, I will start my generator. My rig I have to plug in the power cord into the generator and start the generator and should have power. Nothing. I was wondering how you can check to see if the generator is putting out anything or if you need to call a mechanic. I have not had a good experience with the last generator mechanic. I wanted him to check out my unit and service it. He found my problem the generator would not start the batteries were dead. But did not service my generator because he said it was not worth his time and effort, but still charged me
  2. I have been using the Spring PCS system. Recently I had a problem. Great system, but keep in mind. I learned this the hard way. Your best friend and biggest asset if you ever have trouble is FMCA and Jason. You really need to keep in touch with them. They can help solve your problems. You might think Sprint Tech support could have a solution. But from now on if I have a problem, I am going to first make our friends at FMCA aware. They go over and above to make sure you get help you and to solve your problems. Thanks to every one that works with Tech Connect they are truly my life line if I ever have a problem again
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