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  1. zeboray

    Michelin Tire Program

    They are 3rd QTR 2018
  2. zeboray

    Michelin Tire Program

    I just used this program for new 12 / 22.5 XZE's and the pricing was AMAZING!!! Had them installed at Snyder Fleet Service in Ocala and if you are anywhere near them go nowhere else. They started right at my appointment time and did a very professional job. I am so thankful for this - among other - benefits FMCA provides. Just remember to register your credit card with Michelin prior to going to the shop.
  3. zeboray

    I-70 between St. Louis and Indianapolis

    Okay I did it. From Knob Noster to St. Louis the road was great until I arrived in St Louis (at that point it got bumpy but nothing serious). From St. Louis to Indy the road was great - other than a few bumpy spots. The worst were the bridges that included pot holes. All that said, I would gladly drive the route again. Now, going from Indy to Ohio may be bad; I'm not going that route so I will have no idea. Nothing broke or fell out of cabinets and my cats survived without complaining!
  4. zeboray

    I-70 between St. Louis and Indianapolis

    Now I'm not sure what to do. I got this response from the manager of a friends racing team that is based in Indianapolis, and this is the response (please keep in mind I am only concerned with St. Louis to Indy, not further): Asked two different drivers - really no issues - Interstate 65 is bad tho. Any further thoughts on just that section?
  5. zeboray

    I-70 between St. Louis and Indianapolis

    Thank you to everyone. I am going to avoid that route from St. Louis to Indy.
  6. Has anyone taken that route recently, and if so, is the road still terrible or have they repaired it and now fairly smooth?
  7. Agree with Herman! Hwy 65 is no picnic but far batter than 7. Avoid that if at all possible.
  8. zeboray

    We have Progressive.... may be overpriced?

    I have Progressive. I didn't find many options for full time use, but will be checking again upon renewal. I have a Country Coach (value 80,000) and I pay 2,281 / year.
  9. That means 130 miles of US-65, also two lane heaven (not to mention hills and slow turns). Bummer! Thanks though.
  10. Please suggest the best and easiest route. I took US-65 from Little Rock to here and hope to avoid another two-lane nightmare like that!