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  1. Wanted to share with everyone my first modification to our 44B Holiday Rambler. I found one storage area to be pretty useless and that was the "pegboard" area. I have no intention of storing tools in this area, as I have a complete tool kit in a aluminum case. So I came up with the following storage idea. Here are the before and after photos. Happy Trails...
  2. I will be applying the grease to all the jacks once it stops raining! Updates will follow along with some photos to make it easy for the next guy!
  3. Rich, Thank you for the tip! I am slightly embarrassed to say, but I do not own a grease gun. A quick trip to Amazon and the new gun and grease should be here tomorrow. I will update once I have made put the grease gun to work! Thank you again!
  4. Rich, Thank you and yes please I would love to fix the leak on the levelers. They are in fact Power Gear!
  5. We purchased our new Holiday Rambler 44B in April of 2018. We were able to get the unit for about 30% under sticker. Of course three days after we bought it, the dealer had a big sale and I could have saved even more if we had known of the big sale. However, I am happy with the price that we paid and we plan on keeping this Coach unlike the Jayco that came before it and the Forrest River that came before before. LOL During the first three months we have traveled approximately 6K miles. Issue #1 We had one major issue at 2500K miles. When stopping to check the toad at a rest stop, I noticed the smell of Antifreeze and sure enough there was a leak under the front of the coach. Of course it was a Saturday and REV Group was closed. We have coach net and a phone call to them was placed and they said they would suggest a tow to a qualified repair center. I agreed and hung up waiting for them to call me back. In the mean time, I called Freightliner Custom Chassis(FCC) RV hotline. Man, the guy at Freightliner was the most professional person I have ever spoke to. I explained the issue to him and he informed me that the issue would not be with FCC but with the coach builder. However, he said do you really need heat in the dashboard at this time of year? I replied no and he said well then lets get you back on your vacation. He carefully walked me thru how to close the shut off valves that fed the front on the coach so as to stop the leak. Once this was done, he walked me through adding distilled water to the engine coolant and waited on the phone while I restarted the engine and checked for leaks. The leak was gone and I was back on the road. This man from FCC was an awesome help to me and if that is how I will be treated in the future, I am very exited to own a Freightliner. Issue #2 I had a question about the operation of the Tag Axle Dump button on the dash, so I called REV Group. They were unable to answer my question which was this : The button has three settings. Manual , automatic and disabled. What does this disabled setting actually do. The man said he would need to talk to engineering but they would most likely be closed as it was late on a Friday afternoon and he would call me back when he had more information. I said ok sure and hung up knowing I would never hear back from them. 10am Monday morning i got a call back and was given a full explanation on the use of the Tag Axel three way switch. Issue #3 Lack of hot water pressure at kitchen sink. This turned out to be a kinked water hose, which I was able to fix myself. Issue #4 Paint peeling behind slide out on drives side. Issue #5 Leaking hydrlic fluid from front drivers side leveler jack. I called Rev Group and made an appointment at their East Coast Repair facility. They were booked out until end of August. These are all of the issues that we have with the coach after 6K miles. Everything works perfectly and I am very impressed with the build quality of this rig. The actual build quality if leaps and bounds above that of our 2018 Jayco Precept that we traded in for the new Holiday Rambler. I am very very pleased with my purchase and I hope things continue to work without issues. Thank you for reading my post and I hope to give update after my warranty visit in late August.
  6. I do not have a newmar or newel, they were out of my budget. However, I can tell you coming from a Jayco "J RIDE" F53 chassis over to our new DP Holiday Rambler was night and day. I can not imagine a nicer drive than what I have now. I do notice a bit ow wandering in high winds, but its insignificant in comparison to that J Ride. Seriously , how can Jayco market that piece of crap and act like it is the best driving Class A on the road?? Not to mention the horrible quality of the jayco, i should post a horror story thread on my Jayco Experience.
  7. Herman, Thanks for the nice welcome. Although it was just a first round maintenance, I was very pleased with how they treated me. I will for sure use them until they disappoint me! One thing that surprised me was the fifth oil change is free. That is quite a deal considering the costs of the oil changes!
  8. We had the chance to spend five days at the Anchor Down RV resort in Dandridge, TN. What a wonderful camp! The sites are all paved and I was super impressed with the staff. We stayed in spot #27 which is overlooking the lake. Pontoon Rentals are available and are very reasonably priced. If you are ever in the Pidgeon Forge Area, you need to check this place out. I gave it 5 star rating!
  9. Thank you for the kind replies. We are still awaiting our FMCA plates.
  10. Boys just turned 2 years and 5 years. We base out of Michigan. They love to travel. it is hard finding FMCA members in our age group however.
  11. Hello, We took our Holiday Rambler in for the first service. 6K miles maintenance and 20 Hour Generator Service. The guys at Diesel Truck Sales in Saginaw, MI did an excellent job. They were clean, professional and very courteous. The bill was $501 and it was completed while we waited. I will be going back to them, highly satisfied client!
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