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  1. Have any of you had issues with theft whn you park your rig at a travel center and you go eat or see a near by sight?
  2. My wife and I are fairly new full time RVers and pull a CRV behind our 40 foot Phaeton. We are wondering what you all do with your RVs when you stop some where for a day to see the sights via driving the tow vehicle but are not staying in a RV park that night? Do you park it at a travel center (Pilot, Flying J, Loves), a parking lot ( Walmart, Costco, Mall) or some where else for a full day while you are away visiting the sights? If you leave your RV in parking lot, travel center, mall, etc, have you had issues with theft, safety or any other issues? I was wondering if you have had problems with theft, vandalism, break-ins while the RV was left alone in a parking lot or travel center for long periods of time?
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