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  1. We stayed at a park in port Aransas Texas. They had a sign posted in their check in window concerning what they considered possibly aggressive breeds that they didn't accept. They didn't stick with their own rules and allowed a large dog into the park. The owner tied the dog outside their unit, and the dog made agressive moves to anyone passing by. We have a small quitet sweet jack russell that wouldnt hurt a flee. I noted the dog when I was walking to the beach and warned my wife to stay away from that area which she did. However things being what they are and some people being stupid as they are the owner took the dog to the laundry area and attached the leash to a location the park had made avaliable to tie dogs while in the laundry room. The attachment was a screw to loop your leash over, obvously installed to hold the smaller pets they allowed according to their park rules. My wife and little dog were walking past that area near the laundry room where the agressive dog was moved too. My wife was attacked and little my dog was attacked. We had only recently arrived at the camp ground a couple hours previously, and we had paid for the week stay. My wife was bitten on the hand trying to save our little one whom we love like a very valued member of our family. A very nice lady from Canada who had been staying in the camp ground Knew a great vet and rushed us to the hospital. we will be forever in her debt . We spent the next 4 days parked at the vets office / hospital hoping our little one was going to survive. I am happy to report that she did survive after extensive surgery. After our doctor visits my wifes hand has also healed. The vet bill was 3000.00 and a lot of suffering was done by all especially by our little one who didn't understand what had happened to her. We had to abandon our complete vacation and return home for everyone to heal. All in all our loss considering fuel travel and our camp ground prepayment was about 5000.00. The camp ground refused all responsibilty and would not even refund our prepayment. We have filed a law suit against the dog owner and the campground for the amount of our loss. That was a year and a half ago our court case is coming up soon I hope.That will be about 2 years after the fact. Aren't our courts wonderful. That's another story. I don't like to file law suits but it was the only way for us to regain our actual losses. The dog owner had previously agreed to pay the doctor bills which we agreed to accept and we hoped the park would refund us. The park refused and the dog owner faded after a couple payments to the vet. My wife now has a great fear of large dogs and I don't blame her considering all the damage that was done. We won't stay in a park that allows large breeds of any kind. I'm sure the parks insurance company is not happy with the park for not following their own rules. But as you all said so clearly we all love our pets. It's not so much the pets but the idiots that own them. If anyone can figure out how to weed out all the idiots i'm sure the pets will be ok and maybe even the US Congress would be improved.
  2. You may have a built in code reader that will show up on your dash read out-- check the buttons near your gear shift read out if you have an eletronic readout in the lower middle of your dash. I have a 2009 425 hp Cummins and the read outs show on the dash. As a side note I called Cummins customer service to complain about their high labor rate. I think $119.00 an hour is to darned expensive. I think we should all complain and ask for an estimate before they start any work and that we be notified before they run over their estimate. I don't like paying these kind of rates while they are wasting time standing around at their own parts counter or gone taking a wizz. I solved my problem I go somewhere else that does great work is kind and helpful and doesn't over charge. They think they have us hooked because they are Cummins. There are plenty of others with out the franchise that can work on Cummins,do it well at a decent rate. The one I use charges $85.00 per hour and does just as well and maybe better because they show customer care. In my book Cummins is out to rip any one with an RV.
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