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  1. I have a mastertow dolly Model 80THD. it has a pivoting center pin, so I want the wheels to lock. However, this car has the keyless ignition and no way (that i can find) to lock the wheels.
  2. We are running into a problem when trying to tow our 2015 Ford Edge on our tow dolly (mastertow). It barely fits, but the steering won't lock. We do not have the parts needed to flat tow, so we went with what we already owned. When cornering, the Edge wheels slightly turn and loosen the tire straps. It will also shift and rub the fender of the dolly. I'm looking for a way to lock the wheels so they can't turn. Others have suggested wrapping the seat belt around the wheel or using a lock between the wheel and brake pedal. I was hoping for something a little more elegant. Does anyone know a setting to make the front wheels lock? Thank you, Bill
  3. I'm troubleshooting why the igniter will not light my Dometic refrigerator. I have done the following troubleshooting steps. 1. cleaned the chimney and burner tube. I checked the gap on the burner tube and igniter. I also removed and cleaned the propane jet. 2. I verified 12 volts at input source from the RV. 3. I verified 12 volts on each side of the over temp switch. Now, I am trying to determine if the igniter is bad.I can manually light the unit and it does fine. There is no spark between the igniter and the burner tube.Is there a way to check the igniter for voltage? I read somewhere not to hook to that, as it would burn up the multi-meter. I see a grey wire leaving the control board that connects to the igniter. Thank you, BIll
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