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  1. My motorhome is fixed. I tested as instructed and found the solenoid to be bad. installed the new solenoid and all is well. Thanks to all for your excellent advice. What a great feature of belonging to FMCA it's worth the price of membership alone. It's comforting to know there is expert help so easy to access. Thanks Again Dave Clark
  2. Thanks for all your help I will reply after I install the solenoid
  3. I am not stranded we're home. As advised by another I crossed the two large posts with a wire, everything lite up therefore he determined solenoid was bad ,do you agree?
  4. there 4 posts 2 with large red wires and 2 with small white wires on the set of red with the key on I get 13.8 on the top wire and nothing on the bottom wire same with the small white wires 13.8 top 1.2 on the bottom
  5. I hear it click how do I check it?
  6. I have a 2000 Safari Zanzibar 300 cat diesel, On a recent trip while traveling at highway speed I noticed my tach dial jumping around, and suddenly the motor stopped, I jiggled and turned the key off then on and the motor started and we drove all the rest of the way home. We unloaded the coach and when I went to move it, it would not start. I remembered that sometime back when I went to get it out of storage I had trouble. When I turned on the key the lights that normally go on, do not. I hear the solenoid switch click but no lights and the tach and spedo don't jump around as they are supposed to. I replaced the ignition switch checked the wires that I can see. Still nothing, Help
  7. I have a 2000 Safari Zanzibar on a 1999 magnum chassis. I have had recent brake problems. Had master cylinder replaced, system bled, and abs sensors on right front and rear. Still have spongy peddle. It has been determined that we have air in the hydraulic control unit. But mechanic doesn't know how to do my coach. Anyone with experience that can help me? Also how to reset ABS light. Dave
  8. The pedal is like a car brake pedal
  9. Thanks that sounds like what I’m looking for
  10. It is a yellow button that you pull on the dash, when pulled it makes a air sound, when pushed in to release it makes another air sound. Similar sample shown
  11. Thanks I’ll pass this along to the mechanic
  12. Thanks I’ll look this over but I am not a mechanic and much of it looks over my head. I am looking for information specifically on the parking brake to pass along to the mechanic.
  13. Thanks I don’t have air brakes they are hydraulic only the emergency brake is air. I have it at a repair shop now. He doesn’t seem to be familiar with this system.There are no other shops around and I’m on top of a mountain
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