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  1. I have a 2000 Safari Zanzibar on a 1999 magnum chassis. I have had recent brake problems. Had master cylinder replaced, system bled, and abs sensors on right front and rear. Still have spongy peddle. It has been determined that we have air in the hydraulic control unit. But mechanic doesn't know how to do my coach. Anyone with experience that can help me? Also how to reset ABS light. Dave
  2. The pedal is like a car brake pedal
  3. Thanks that sounds like what I’m looking for
  4. It is a yellow button that you pull on the dash, when pulled it makes a air sound, when pushed in to release it makes another air sound. Similar sample shown
  5. Thanks I’ll pass this along to the mechanic
  6. Thanks I’ll look this over but I am not a mechanic and much of it looks over my head. I am looking for information specifically on the parking brake to pass along to the mechanic.
  7. Thanks I don’t have air brakes they are hydraulic only the emergency brake is air. I have it at a repair shop now. He doesn’t seem to be familiar with this system.There are no other shops around and I’m on top of a mountain
  8. 🤤 I have a 2000 Safari Zanzibar on a magnum chassis. The air parking brake will not hold on a slope. Can anyone advise on what may be wrong. Air seems to engage the brake but not enough to hold. Is there a adjustment.
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