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  1. My RV insurance written by Allstate in Georgia is going up from $509/yr to $690/yr so I thought I'd take advantage of the RV Insurance DISCOUNT offered by FMCA.  I mean that's one of the main reasons we join FMCA right?  The Discounts?

    FMCA quoted me $1257/yr.  Imagine my shock.  I read over my Allstate policy and it's pretty good.  Not a lot of exclusions.  Not any more than some others I've been reading about on this forum.  FMCA quote had a $2500 deductible.  Allstate's deductible was $500.

    Needless to say I'm disappointed with the "discount" I was given through FMCA.  With the purchasing power of THOUSANDS of RV owners I'm not sure anybody is profiting over this deal except the insurance companies and the kick backs given to FMCA for all the policies sold to it's members. I was one guy buying a policy from Allstate.  FMCA represents THOUSANDS of members and this is the best pricing structure they can offer?  Again, I'm disappointed.

    Curtis Smith

    2006 Holiday Rambler Ambassador

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