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  1. It was nice while it lasted, but unfortunately the FMCA TechConnect plan is no longer a good value. Per the original post on this thread "Unlike Sprint, T-Mobile strictly enforces their network management. The T-Mobile policy states that if a member is in an area where there are many people connected to one of their towers, and if the member has already used 50GB of data, their account will be deprioritized." On our last two trips I have run into throttled download speeds more often than not. This never happened with Sprint, except when in remote areas where cell phone towers had limited capacity. It doesn't take long to to run through the 50GB limit, and download speeds are great up to that point. But once I hit the 50GB limit I find download speeds to be throttled to 2-3mbps. This has been especially evident on our current trip to Florida. Mornings are OK, but afternoons and evenings are slow to the point of being unusable.
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