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  1. This is my first Winnebago, it was purchased in March 2018, I have had other brands and really never had a problem with warranty service even though I live in a rural area in Nevada. My Vista is a few months old and I have discovered a couple of issues that seem to be warranty issues. Some were identified at time of purchase, and because of timeframe could not be fixed before we took delivery. Those issues still have not been resolved as of yet and getting a call back from La Mesa RV in San Diego is horrible at best. The newer issues seem more pressing than the ones that have not been fixed. Most of these issues have been discovered on the 3000 maiden voyage, we took 2 short trips prior and discovered the water heater issue only to keep getting the buck passed. The issues are as follows 1. Hot water heater high limit sensor is not working on gas or electric, I called Winnebago and they passed the buck to Atwood 2. Inverter will not switch over automatically consistently sometimes it does sometimes it does not told by Winnebago that would not be a warranty issue. 3. Toilet has a water leak, I am not sure if it is a water line, bad seal or cracked bowl 4. Dometic electric awning does not work 5. Rearview, side cameras stared working only intermittently, Winnebago customer service passed the buck to ASA (ASA has said it is a Winnebago issue) No mater whose issue it is they still dont work I have now contacted every Winnebago dealer that we will be passing close to and get the same answer from all of them. "You did not buy it from us so we cannot work on it until the end of July or maybe sometime in August. I talked to RnR RV in Liberty Lake WA. service today and was told look you didn't buy it from us your lucky we will work on it at the end of July. I asked if they didn't have to honor the Winnebago warranty and I was told yes but only at their convenience because I didn't buy it from them. My questions is this how Winnebago allows their dealers to treat Winnebago owners? After getting pissed of at the service advisor at RnR RV and saying I was going to call Winnebago regarding this all of sudden a date opened up on June 19th to fix the water heater and the toilet leak. That is all they are willing to work on none of the other warranty issues will be addressed. I live 10 hours from the dealer I bought the coach from and was assured by La Mesa RV and Winnebago customer service I would have no problems getting any Winnebago dealer to provide prompt warranty service from their extensive dealer program. I am hoping this warranty issues does not cause me buyers remorse and wishing I would have bought a Tiffin or Newmar. Have others experienced this type warranty discrimination by dealers?
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