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  1. We bought our Winnebago Trend in April 2018. We are having issues also and we’re told by the dealer “Oh just go to anyone that sells Winnebagos and any Dodge dealer for the cab”. RIGHT! Our parking brake light kept going on while driving the Rocky Mountains.Three different Dodge dealers told us the same thing! We live in Florida and we were in Utah! 3 weeks or so before anyone could look at it! We finally said to H... with it and drove to Oregon where a dealer took us the next day and said it was a faulty switch and just have it replaced when we get back in October....no charge. Thank you Withell motors! We have other issues as well. We bought a Winnebago because of their reputation, but are very disappointed! Not related but..you have to be 6’ tall to reach the overhead cabinets, the Ac is so loud you can’t watch tv with it on, the under bed storage is impossible, and on and on..But my husband loves the way it drives and we get between 16-18MPG
  2. Our 2018 Winnebago Trend is only 2 months old and the fridge warms up considerably when no hookups and is running on propane. We aren’t mechanics..guess we need t have the dealer..😒...look at it.
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