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  1. Thank you all for your comments we had to stop earlier as the slideout was starting to walkout on us. We stopped in Arland Va at RV Service of Virginia. Would highly recommend for anybody, prompt service had us in and out in about two hours. We are back on the road.
  2. We are heading to Allentown PA and on the way from Florida we blew a hydraulic line and our slide outs and leveling jacks can't work. Anyone that can advise a place to get this fixed would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. The slide is indeed HWH hydraulic model AP36467 leveleze. The rear slide operates fine. So I'm confident that there is fluid and the pump is operating. The coach and the slideout are in a position that makes it difficult to check the fluid level. I can see the tank and manifold and the solenoids, of which there is six. When I operate the slideout switch on the dash, I can here what sounds like an electric motor sound. When I initially went to pull it in, it was working fine and then 1/2 way in the slideout stopped , but the motor sound kept going. I only here the motor sound when I operate the switch on the dash, runs when I push the button, stops when I release the button. I thought it was caught and racked, so I measured both sides and both ends of the slide are 16 1/2 inches from wall to back of slideout.
  4. I have a 2008 Winnebago Adventurer. I was getting ready to go on a trip, I went to pull the slides in. I pushed the button for the rear slide, and it retracted fine. I pushed the button for the front and it went 1/2 way in and stopped. The motor was still going. It won't go in or out but the rear works fine in and out. My system has 6 solenoids, I assume the top four is for the jacks. The bottom two are for the slides. I have found out to manually retract slide, loosen 1/4" nut and rachet in the side. My questions are which solenoid is for the front slide and how is it replaced. I looked at pics on the website but see nor feel on the manifold how the solenoid is attached to the manifold?
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