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  1. I know this is a little latter than the beginning of the thread, but I had a similar experience on our maiden voyage with out 2019 Discovery in July. We had two valve stem problems. One was at Stone Mountain, GA and found a tire shop to take care of us at the campground. The second however was on US20 in South Carolina, we had a valve stem break off. We spent hours trying to find someone to service us – no one would fix a tire on an RV! We finally called Love’s in Lexington, SC. While their trucks were all out, they would help us as long as we could get to there site. Being new to RV’ing, they assured me I could drive the 22 miles to their shop as long as I did not exceed 20 mph. Fortunately, the tire problem was an inside-rear tire. The service department personnel bent over backwards to help. Yes, they also had a problem getting a jack under the rear axel but by driving up on my ramps, they were able to get their jack under the axel and replace the tire stem. I just want to pass along that there are good people at Love’s.
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