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  1. I purchased a used Thor Quantum WS31, I am extremely pleased with it.it came with a 100 watt solar panel with a in coach control panel. We gave up our king bed in our Integra, but happy with the queen and dual night tables for our cpap’s. The TV is straight facing to two recliners. Overhead bunk is spacious and can be used for storage or grandkids. The amount of storage is tremendous. My wife said a women must have designed the interior . It has a towing  capacity of 8000 lbs. we tow our CR-V seamlessly. The E450 ford V-8 engine provides sufficient power, and most importantly my wife will drive the class C. We just spent 6 months living in it, including 52 day safari to Alaska and 30 days throughout Canada. My only negative is the small black and grey holding tanks.

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