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  1. We just installed a RVI-3 to tow our CRV behind our class C Winnie and we are totally satisfied with it. It takes about 30 seconds to set up and we especially like the onboard monitor which keeps us aware of how the system is working. The assistance we received from the manufacturer is second to none. When I called, I was given immediate help.
  2. We own a 2006 Winnebago with a Ford V10. On a recent trip my battery died and I replaced it. When I fired up the engine, I got a CHECK ENGINE light, and I had no throttle response. We were towed to a Ford Dealership and the throttle body was replaced to the tune of over $600.00. Recently we were two weeks into a month of volunteering, I started the engine to charge the battery and the same thing happened. Can someone tell me what the problem may be and how to remedy it? Thanks in advance for advice. Your Friend, John D. jtb0223@outlook.com
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