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  1. I cannot give a more higher recommendation! I have been a customer of BlueOx for many years and have yet to encounter a bad or unsatisfactory experience with them. I recently had my Patriot 1 Brake unit malfunction and left me stranded. A quick call to Kevin resulted in their telling me to send the unit in and they would do a tuneup on it, being several years old I was afraid to ask the cost, but to my surprise I was told the cost would be about $110, not only that but that they pay shipping both ways. Within just 3 days I received a call telling me my unit was repaired, it required a lengthy list of parts including a new case, I was then told it was time to settle up and I thought here it comes.... Yep the bill was $110.00 total, I was shocked... What a company, the best looking base plate money can buy, the best tow bar on the market and a great braking system I could afford.....ON TOP OF ALL THAT THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AVAIABLE!
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