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  1. Hi All, New to FMCA, & RVing, we just purchased our first RV & heading out for our first outing. Would like to hear back from anyone who has been places where you can rent UTVs-ATVs for some good off road trail riding. Also have an issue where we personally have a JAPANESE MINI TRUCK - "KEI" TRUCKS. I KNOW SOME STATE RUN TRAIL SYSTEMS LIKE HATFIELD & McCOY IN WV, WILL NOT LET US USE OUR LITTLE TRUCK> 53" WIDE ***Anyone who owns one of these cool little trucks near us please let me know. - We live in Southwestern Virginia (Roanoke-Bedford) ALSO - BEING ABLE TO FIND A CAMPGROUND NEAR TRAIL SYSTEMS THAT CAN ACCOMMODATE CLASS A RVS (39' TO 45') LONG
  2. Hi all, Getting a 39' diesel pusher this coming Monday. I have a question. Trying to decide whether to find a vehicle to tow behind it, or get a 22' tilt trailer which would expand my options for hauling several different vehicles. For the cost of tow bars, brake systems, lighting systems, it's not too much difference in cost to purchase a good tilt trailer. Brakes, lighting, tow bar, all taken care of, not to mention NO MILES put on vehicle. Part of my decision is that I would like the option to haul either a larger street bike, or a Japanese Mini (Kei) Truck with me as well as a drive around vehicle - my thoughts were maybe a 4x4 Ford F-150. Is there anyone out there who tows the equivalent of a 22-24' trailer ? Do you find towing it behind a 39-40' Class A, that you bottom the trailer out often on uneven terrain ? Problems getting onto trailer parks, campgrounds ? Any advice is appreciated.
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