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  1.   You can buy kits for a manual disconnect that will install in your house breaker panel and will lock out generator power from utility power. I would get an electrician to do the work if you are not skilled to do the work safely. Typically with a portable generator this work is routinely done. He will install a new 240 volt breaker and wire in a 50 amp outlet on the house. Then you would need a 50 amp cord to the RV but again you would have to install a 50 amp outlet on the RV from the generator. 
      A Safety disconnect is a must!

  2. You need Low and High side gauges to really check a system. With 134, charge weight is important and too much the high side will be excessive and can cut out compressor, too little low side drops and cuts out compressor. Also a condenser that is not being cooled properly will cause excessive high side and that will damage compressor. Air flow over evaporator can be blocked by debris or clogged cabin filter.

  3.              I have a local stair manufacturer that has stacks of cut offs in and around his dumpster and is happy when you take it away so he doesn't have to pay for it. It is also great Oak for fire pits! If you can get cut offs of laminated beams nothing is stronger.

  4.   If they are the Jacks with the springs that pull them up I have seen where the cylinder is tight stopping it from retracting. To test this hit retract and use pry bar to push up on affected jack and it should retract. I've replaced cylinders for this type of issue and spraying with WD40 sometimes helps but not always.

  5.  To diagnose a Cat Engine it is imperative to have a diagnostic tool like Cat ET. It will run an automated Cylinder cut out test to check injector balance and see if one or more injectors are not supplying enough fuel. Also a test for the high pressure oil. The Cat ET can graph the output and many other parameters. I believe there is also an upgraded Oil pressure sensor and I've changed many pump solenoids for hard starting issues on the 3126. Mostly on the C7 I have seen Oil leaks at the injector O ring also.

  6. On ‎7‎/‎23‎/‎2018 at 9:56 PM, manholt said:

    I run the XZE and it's holding  up well...8 new in August 2014, as of today 42,000+ miles !   Cavet. I'm probably twice your weight.

    Thanks Manholt, Had to order the XZE as my tire dealer could not get the XRV. $30 cheaper per tire so I save a little there. Should be fine. My rig has 2 slides and a motorcycle lift on a W22 chassis so not too light.

  7.  I just had a blowout on my Coach running Goodyear 670s I am going through the FMCA tire program for new tires. The Michelins XRV tires seem to be a hot Item and I don't know if my dealer can get them for me. Does any one run the XZE tire? It has 16 cords while the XRV has 12. My coach is only 34 foot and don't know if the ride quality will be affected if I go with the XZE.

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