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    2015 Newmar Essex 4553, and looking forward to retiring.
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  1. Thanks, I'm based out of Cleveland Ohio area on the west side. I updated my sig.
  2. We also store indoors when we are not on the road. 60' x 120' commercial building with concrete floor and 110 volt power to keep charged. During the winter I am going to be down south in a warm area.
  3. Last spring I was on a business trip in Orlando FL and when I was done with it I rented a car and toured campgrounds from Tarpon Springs to Naples and everything in between. We were specifically looking for nice class A only type parks and resorts. 80% of what I looked at I would not stay at, cramped, run down, park models etc. Many of the nicer places already were booked for next season and said they said we could be wait listed. I ended up getting a 4 month rental at Bay Bayou in Tampa in the new section which is really first class. My second choice was Fort Myers and may go there the following year. Naples had some nice places also but the traffic there would not make it a relaxing place to winter IMO. I like the ten year rule only because it keeps the riffraff out and normally if you have a painted well maintained coach the ten year rule is waived.
  4. We are just coming up on owning this coach for one year. It is our first RV, I attempted to buy our last coach first. This is the factory tour video of our 4553 we have caramel cherry cabinets and totally different paint job, we also have the lower outside TV option not the one in the video. Our coach:
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