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  1. Thank you all for your responses. You provided some great info! I've contacted my insurance company - I have God Sam (National General) insurance. The agent told me that my policy does not cover the coach when it's in the care of a repair shop and I can not make a claim on my insurance. He told me I need to work with the shop owner and the shop's insurance company. However, it's been over 2 months now since the accident and I am not able to get information about the status from the shop owner or his insurance company regarding the claim made by the shop. My coach has been moved from the shop's facility to a collision center down the road - they are the ones who will do the body work. But no work has been done yet and they aren't going to start any work until they know they will get paid. Based on the adjuster's worksheet the damage is around $11,000. Does the shop's insurance company have an obligation to talk to me about the claim since it is my vehicle? They will not give me any information since I'm not the policy holder. I'm getting a little worried since it's been so long and I still don't know the status of the claim or when (if) my coach will be repaired. The shop owner has not provided me any information and seems annoyed when I call him to ask about the status. He wants me to pay him for the work his shop did on the generator but I told him I am not paying him until I get my coach back in the same condition I left it with him. I'm not sure how to proceed. Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first post to the forum and I'm hoping you all can give me some advice! I have a 2004 National Dolphin Class A motorhome. I took my RV into a mechanic to have the generator worked on because it was shutting off intermittently while the RV was moving. The mechanic took my RV out for a test drive and got into an accident. The entire passenger side of the coach is damaged. The shop claims they will pay to have it fixed but it's been over 3 weeks and I have gotten no information from them or a time frame as to how long it will take to fix my RV. I have had to cancel plans because I can not use my RV. Plus this RV has never been in an accident so I'm worried this will drop the sale or trade-in value of the RV. I'm just looking for some advice as to what my rights are and what obligations the mechanic shop has in regards to the accident in my RV? Should I call my own insurance company to let them know what happened even though the claim will be made through the mechanic's insurance policy? I've called a couple of lawyers but they all want a retainer up-front and I don't know if or what they would be able to do to help. I live in Florida and the RV is at a mechanic shop in Daytona Beach. Thank you! --Cheryl
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