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  1. Found it...in case anyone else needs to know, the Part number is VHRG4, 4.25" by 2.25".
  2. Question for someone with a later E450 Ford Chassis...by chance do you know the size of the valve stem stabilizer needed for the 4 slot w16 inch wheel? I keep the RV about 30 mins away and would like to order some without having to run over there. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks, gents. They are 16" steel. Some background: I need to have the inner rear looked at, as after I got the unit home, I went to check the tire pressure before I took it up to the storage facility. I assumed (bad move) that they checked the pressure before I took possession. I checked the front (from the way the covers were aligned there was no way they checked) and found them to be at 60 vs. 75. When I went to check the rear, I put the gauge on and the valve wouldn't close. Not a happy camper at that point! I kept trying to put air in, but it didn't take. In a bit of a panic now, I put the cap on to minimize the air loss and took it up to the local tire place. He had a hard time taking the valve out and replaced it, but even the new valve would not take air. He had to pull it, add air and then replace. Doesn't seem to be leaking now, but it sure concerns me. I purchased this new a few states away, so I'll need to take this to either a local Jayco dealer or a Ford place. Funny, but I called Ford and they said they'd send someone out to replace the tire, but as I had no tire to replace it with... figured it's best to add a spare.
  4. Thanks, wolfe10. I've got it stored offsite so I'll check when I pull it next.
  5. Just purchased a 2019 Odyssey based on the (2018) Ford E450 chassis. I'm looking to add a spare after reading that most servicing will only change the tire. I've tried to see what the part number is for the wheel, to make sure I order the correct one. Ford website shows Part no. 1015 for the "wheel assembly", but at a cost of $478.27 for this I think they've lost their minds. Checking other sites, they normally show other other years for the wheels, and I'm not sure if the've stayed the same for x number of years. Any recommendations or thoughts will be most appreciated. Thanks!
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