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Diesel RV Club Rally: Camp Verde, AZ Feb 26-Mar 3, 2017

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The Diesel RV Club (an FMCA Chapter) will hold their winter rally in Camp Verde, AZ February 26- March 3, 2017 (the week before the FMCA Convention in Chandler, AZ).

The rally features five nights of camping, four hot breakfasts, three catered dinners plus one cold breakfast, three days technical seminars, crafts and lifestyle presentations, and an owner round table.

The technical sessions are NOT "gear head", but focused on having the average DP owner know what needs to be done to minimize cost of ownership, minimize breakdowns and maximize performance.

For more information: http://www.dieselrvclub.org/event-2316575

Hope to see you there-- Dianne and I will be there.

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Agree.  I-10 is boring!  I stay over just west of Del Rio, then depending upon weather Van Horn, Deming, NM and Tucson, AZ.  If it works right, I'll cut of from before Tucson and go to Ajo, AZ, then straight up to Phoenix.  If I'm going north of LA. Ca. then Vicksburg to I-40, otherwise its I-8.  I do not do I-10 to LA.  Shot me first, please!

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