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Installation of RV Cams Voyager Backup System (Long)

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For many, many years I have been without a backup/rear view camera. My Intec system failed and while Intec did offer a system that could be adapted to my wiring harness it was quite expensive so I just passed and went without.
Recently I had seen posts about www.rvcams.com having systems that could be adapted to older wiring harnesses and that Tim from RV Cams was very knowledgeable and willing to help.
I sent him a couple of e-mails asking for details and some clarifications between the various systems and their compatibility with my wiring harness. Having gotten all the answers I needed I ordered the Voyager hard wired system which would give a a color monitor, day/night capabilities plus audio. I suspect my engine noise will wipe out voice but we will give it a try!
I ordered the system on a Monday, it was shipped on Tuesday and I received it on Wednesday (Louisiana to TX). Everything promised was included and it was just a matter of finding time to do the installation.
I had already found the old 15 wire cable that Intec used and found a good 12V switched power source before getting started. I could not find the reverse trigger which would have automatically turned on the camera any time I put the RV in reverse but that's OK as I like to run the camera at all times anyway.
I had a couple of questions about how to wire the various options and my e-mails were answered very quickly and accurately. I was now ready to proceed.
You start by chopping off the head and the tail of the old Intec wiring harness and select 5 wires to carry the signal from one end to the other. Everything says the wires need to be bundled, folded and soldered. While I know that this is likely the best option, I e-mailed RV Cams asking if I could just use wire nuts instead as I was feeling a bit lazy. Tim wrote back that I could be he suggested using butt joints with both wires going into one end and doing a crimp. I like it!
So after a bit of cutting a splicing I turned the key and the monitor lit up with a really crappy picture.....bummer....So another e-mail to Tim at RV Cams. I got a quick response that something was very wrong and a suggestion to plug the rear camera directly into the monitor connection to see if one or the other was the problem. Doing so gave me a perfect picture so we now know it's likely something I have done wrong somewhere or there is some kind of interference between the front and the back. I am really hoping I did something wrong. Another e-mail to Tim explaining how I wired the system returned a response I still did not fully understand. Being a bit techy I felt pretty dumb when I had to write back for a better explanation. The response was very clear and I was certain that the way I wired the system was incorrect so it was back to work on my connections. Cut a couple of wires, move them around a bit, and power the system up again and I have a perfect picture! Sweet!
I wrote Tim and told him that everything was working exactly as it should and noted that I am pretty good at following instructions but his instructions about one of the wiring setups was not as clear as it should have been and I suggested a modification to the wording. He thanked me for the suggestion and the follow-up. Hopefully, he will do something but it might just be me! Maybe everyone else has done the wiring correctly.
In any case, for about 1/3 the cost of what Intec wanted to get my backup camera working I now have a Voyager system up and running. I even put the camera in my closet and closed the door. No light in the closet but when I turned on the monitor I could clearly see everything inside. While I don't often arrive in a campground at night, this will certainly be a great additional tool if I have to in the future.
I rarely find a company that is willing to help and who provides exactly what they promise these days but RV Cams is just exactly that.
I still have to mount the camera at the back of the coach but that should just be a matter of enlarging the existing hole, running the cable out, installing the included grommet and using a bit of caulk and a couple of screws to secure the camera in place.
We are fixed at our current location until the 1st of the year but I may have to just take the old girl for a drive so I can see what's going on behind me!
Let me know if you have any questions

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Glad to hear you had a great experience with Tim and RV CAMS.  They worked with us in 2012 replacing the Weldex backup system in our coach.  They set us up with a color system that could use our old wiring harness.  Tim suggested removing the plug in connectors on each end of the harness and soldering all connections but I really did not want to put that much effort into it.  I finally ended up doing the solder job last year and have had no problems since.  I found that Tim responds quickly to emails and phone calls.

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This is how the final installation came out.  Tim could not have guided me to a better monitor option.  It only took a tiny bit of trimming and the Voyager monitor fit in the dash where the old Intec B&W monitor was.  It really looks like a factory installation.



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