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By Law Change

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I'm not seeing this discussed anywhere else in the forums...and coming late to the party so to speak but...either I'm not comprehending or I'm too cynical.

I've read the FAQ. I've read the Ballot. I have gone over the wording "To possess all of the rights, powers and privileges now or hereafter conferred by the laws of the State of Ohio on not-for-profit corporations and to carry on any of the activities that a not-for-profit corporation may engage in under the laws of Ohio."

Every single other phrase/paragraph/section contains the phrase Family Motor Coach Owners. It's all about being for the good of, of concern to, on behalf of, etc. And then there's this proposed addition which does NOT contain the phrase Family Motor Coach Owners.

It is specifically all about the corporation, and any activities a not-for-profit corporation may engage in. Guess what? Expenses and Administration costs come from Gross Receipts and lower/eliminate profit. So it's legal for a not-for-profit to generate funds as long as they spend them all. This bylaw makes it possible for them to spend it all on the corporation (and it's staff) instead of on behalf of Family Motor Coach Owners. Like I said, I'm cynical.

In the explanatory question/answer section it explains this is for the purpose of "possibly" starting another corporation, a sister "feeder" corporation, to "accommodate" younger RVers and those with towable Rv's.

So first off, if its another corporation, why does it affect THIS corporations bylaws? There are other ways for FMCA to aid in creating/funding another entity than changing its own bylaws.

Secondly, WHY are we looking at creating yet another RV group instead of reaching accommodation with existing groups? It's not the motor coach niche that's running people to friendlier organizations. We need to fix what we have, not try to start at the beginning.

Thirdly, WHY is a Motor Coach group forming a Towable RV group? They even specifically state " FMCA would remain as it is, an association for motorhome owners".

This whole explanation strikes me as a smoke screen and a continuation of the Elitist attitude others have commented on in other threads.

I appreciate there is some interest in this subset (FMCA Energized) to address the problems/issues we see, to help reinvigorate the organization as a whole. I'm willing to join in that effort. However, I'm realistic (or cynical) enough to recognize this bylaw change could easily be the death knell for FMCA.

Please explain it to me and convince me I'm wrong.


PS: how do I get that signature line/paragraph saved/auto added? I'm currently typing in:

William "Bill" Anderson


2011 Tiffin Allegro

towing RAM 1500







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Well I think doing nothing will be the death Knell.

I will try to lower my elitist self down and see if I can help you with your signature.:P

This is using Chrome. Go to your account, click on settings, then settings area, there you will find the box to enter your Signature content. Save it when you are done.

Internet explorer looks different but it is basically the same. In settings find the “Signature” and add it there is a place to select View signatures I believe the default is on.



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