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Location Of The TCM: 2006 HR Vacationer DP?

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Where do I look to find the TCM 2006 HR Vacationer DP?

I have been having Allison MH1000 issues on my HR 2006 Vacationer DP. It gets stuck in either 3rd or 4th gear. I took it to the Allison Transmission shop and they found the wrong filter and low Tran fluid levels. That resolved the issues for a few weeks. (Could have just not happened during that time randomly.) The issue came back today. I checked Tran fluid level and it was full.

The Allison shop wants to find the TCM to tap directly into it and better diagnose the issue. They work on lots of trucks and buses, but not near as many RVs. As the Service Manager explained to me that RVs are some times creative where they mount the TCM. His words... "It is somewhere between the front bumper and the rear bumper." He doesn't want to charge me for looking for the unit. Especially since it could potentially take numerous hours just to find it.

My request is does anyone have an idea where the TCM on a 2006 HR Vacationer Diesel Pusher is located?

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brucelowry615, Welcome to the Forum!   

Brett is correct suggesting that you contact the coach builder as a starting point, but you might need to contact the chassis builder because that is where the decision was made on the type of data network to install.

The Key to how far the TCM can be mounted from the engine ECM is the structure of the Data network.

                This is information that most repair centers are lacking when working on Motorhome chasses.

 This is the basic information that determines how far items are located from the main bus.

Transmission Data Cable Lengths from the main bus.

 J1939/15 Physical Layer Max bus length:  40 meters Max stub length:

3 meters Max node count: 10

Unshielded twisted pair. Did the coach builder use this type of data cable?


J1939/11 Physical Layer Max bus length: 40 meters Max stub length:

1 meters Max node count: 30 Shielded twisted pair.

 Shield is connected directly to ground at center of backbone. Did the coach builder use this type of data cable?


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TCM Located

Called Holiday Rambler Tech Support in Oregon and got the answer.

The TCM and the ABS control modules are located in the back, passenger-side compartment. About 6-8 screws removed and the cover came off and there it was.

I am including pictures




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