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Chandller ENERGIZED Preview and shirt ordering info

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We want to get some advance information out and let everyone know we will be ordering shirts (if we get enough interest) again for the Chandler Rally.  We are going to stick with the same color for this rally too.  Below and attached is a preview of Chandler and information on ordering shirts (by Feb 13).

Welcome to the FMCA ENERGIZED Task Force   (previously known as the Under 60 Task Force or U60) and we look forward to seeing you at the Chandler Rally.  This email is going out to those of us who have registered for Chandler and either are on the Task Force already or requested U60 Information on your registration form. 


We have over 400 Task Force members Nationwide and almost 100 of us were at the West Springfield Rally last summer as we unveiled our new FMCA ENERGIZED Logo, Paint N Sip, KIDZ Meet n Greet, brewery tours and social activities at that rally.


It looks like there will be almost 100 Task Force Members at the Chandler rally so we are going to try to organize some activities there too.   If something in the area interest you let us know please.


Energized will again  host the KIDZ Meet n Greet to get the kids acquainted early on.  Although this is not the summer rally (Indianapolis in July) we will still have a few kids at the rally.


DOGZ was a big hit in Springfield so ENERGIZED will also be sponsoring our DOGZ on Tour each morning at 8am, which is a 45 minute walk around the rally grounds….you don’t need a dog to go for the walk.  Please sign up for the Easy Text-à> Text the word Chandler17 to 313131 (393939 for Canada) to keep informed on updates during the rally.  See your program guide for more info on ENERGIZED events for this rally.


For our social activities in Chandler we will be using email and the FMCA Information Board in the Information Area to distribute activities and events after arrival.  Some have expressed interest in horse back riding, happy hours, farmers market, chauffeured brew tours etc.  If there is something that interest you let us know by emailing FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com or put it up on the information bulletin board.


Check in on the facebook group page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/fmcau60taskforce or the ENERGIZED FMCA forum  https://community.fmca.com/forum/118-fmca-energized/ for updates on events we put together after we get on the grounds at Chandler. 


Some of our activities are listed as FMCA ENERGIZED events and all are invited, regardless of age (see your program guide for more).  Some of our events are for the Task Force members only so we can meet, hang out and discuss our vision for the future of FMCA.  If you are on the Task Force and have friends you would like to bring to Task Force social activities please feel free to do so. 

If you are not yet on the Task Force please fill out a Task Force Registration card at the information booth at Chandler or simply email Kathy at KAnderson@fmca.com to get added to future information on what we are up to and where.


Now for the shirt info!!!!


In an effort to increase our visibility at Chandler we are going to offer both T Shirts and Polo Shirts so we can find each otherJ  We will be ordering the same shirt color and design we utilized at West Springfield and the sizing information to preorder your shirts can be found below.   We need to get an order for at least 24.   We will again need to pre-order by Feb 13 to give the vendor time to make them and get them to the Rally.


The Polo shirts will be no more than $21 and the T shirts will be no more than $15 each (depending on how many we get orders for).


Both the Polo shirts and the T shirts will have the small Under-Sixty Task Force logo on the front pocket area (no pocket)


and the large Energized logo across the back

If you are interested in a T shirt pick your men’s sizes here

Ladies sizes here  http://www.apparelvideos.com/cs/CatalogBrowser?todo=mm&productId=LPC450V



If you are interested in a polo shirt pick your men’s sizes here


Ladies sizes here



These links are for sizing please note the color will be the Deep Orange Heather depicted above.  Order your shirts no later than February 13 via email to FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com be sure to include if it’s a polo or T shirt and men’s or women’s and the size(s) requested.


Again, the cost will be no more than $15 for the T shirt and no more than $21 (depending on how many we order) for the polo shirts.  Order by February 13. 


Email your order to FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com  We will hand the shirts out (and you can pay for them) at our first Rally Social Hour on Tuesday March 7 (location to be announced via email and on the Information Bulletin Board by Tuesday at noon).


Also, if you are interested in our Facebook group page you can request access at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fmcau60taskforce  We use this page to talk about upcoming events and issues as well as once we are at the rallys.  This is a closed group which means only members of the group can see post and post.


Thanks for your interest---- now Come Play with Us!!!


Jeff Walukonis


Email FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com

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