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2002 Diplomat, Won't Start, No "N" In Trans Selector

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It was W. W. Williams that fixed the problem. How they compare price-wise to any other mobile service, I don't know since none of the others responded to my calls. (Well, actually, not fully true; one did schedule an appointment for me and stood me up! After they were 30 min late, I called the office and they said they would call the tech and get back to me. 15 minutes later they had not called, so I called again and got their voicemail and left a message. 15 minutes later, still no return call, so I called again and wished them luck with their business. Sadly, this was a fairly large local company with 3 shops and one of the few that does chassis, coach, and body work. But, if they don't treat you right before they have your money, it wont work out well after they do.)

Anyway, up and running and I appreciate everyone's help and well wishes and hope to see you all out there!




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