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FMCA ENERGIZED Indianapolis KIDZ Meet n Greet

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Cyrstal clear?  Maybe if you've been to a few rally   Many have not  


"As far as advanced info, there is always the telephone. You can always call Cincinnati and ask the questions rather that look to a forum for answers."

       That's an answer   70,000 people who might want some info should call?

"When you register for a convention, you will be given a arrival date. It will be before the convention activities actually begin. Plan it that way."

         When I register?  I don't think I get an arrival date until I get my package, unless it's at will call;).  People think it starts on the 12th and they leave on the 15th. Also, if I'm not retired and I'm bidding vacation time in October for the next calendar year I need to know what dates to try to get. How about I want to book a state park on the way to the rally and they fill up 6 months in advance or book a non refundable site on my arrival date since I have no idea it's not July 12?

We are working on getting planning arrival dates out there so that issue will hopefully get better.   As to the "penny pitchers;))  I didn't read it like that  Scott was simply asking what else is included for the fee?   Electronic bulletin boards and Mail are cold so it's easier to take offense or feel challenged.   



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