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Where Did The Discussion Go?

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There was a thread here taking about the initiative to allow towables as well as ways to attract younger motorhome owners,  I posted to it a couple of days ago (after things were back up and running) and there have been several replies since then.   I was about to reply to it with the following message, but when I clicked the reply button I received an error message, and now can't find the message thread, and the message I posted a couple of days ago no longer appears in my message history.



intended reply follows:


Let me reply as a younger member, first of all just saying that focuses attention on the issue as I will be old enough to join AARP in under 2 years, my wife and I are empty nesters, I am semi-retired, but my wife works full time, she has a local government job, so she does get a good deal of vacation days, which increase every year.

Since posting my initial comment to the  thread a few days ago, I have been giving thought to additional potential benefits that FMCA could offer to younger members, and as well as to  convey and transform current benefits. It is a dark and rainy day here today so I also spent some time reviewing the March issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine with appeal to younger membership in mind.   I can only speak for myself here, I have always considered myself technology literate, working for many years in IT fields, and while I am active online on various web forums, shop using Amazon or Ebay, yet I too am feeling a bit out of touch with the younger generation and their constant thumb twittling chatting on their phones and sending cute animations back and forth.

Now that the preamble is done...

First my overview of the magazine from the eyes of a younger member, the editors messages at the front are good to have, but I must admit to only skimming them after the first paragraph, the readers forum / mailbag section may have some interesting tidbits, but without referencing back to past issues it is hard to know what is going on, and I skim through hundreds of such opinions online everyday on various RV message boards, IRV2 being the most active by far.      The GFCI question and answer was supperior to the average response such questions often get at online forums, but the rest of the Q&A Housecalls, could probably be handled better via an online forum, certainly more timely, when I have a leaking vent or  something similar I want an answer in minutes or hours, not months.       Travel tips had some good stuff, I wish there were more of these.   The Chapter updates look good, but I wish there was more information, they do feel a bit like fluff though.      New Products / industry updates I feel neutral about, it is nice to know, but I only skimmed most of it.      Dewinterizing and Water heater care looked mostly good, but feel most younger people would turn to step by step youtube videos that often feature the specific brand and model of equipment they own.    The travel articles and park reviews looked good, I plan to go back and read these in more detail later.      The cooking on the go section looked good, but I wish it would focus more on cooking in limited space, and techniques for RV cooking vs just sharing recipes.     The calendar and classifieds sections made me feel almost nostalgic, as in other parts of my life the internet based services have completely taken over these tasks.    To the point of when I was shopping for my used class A motorhome last year it never occurred to me to look at print classifieds.     (RV-Trader, Craigslist, even owners group forums online yes, but print ads never)

Having said all that,  I think the whole thing could be replaced with an online magazine with a separate classifieds and calendar and nothing would be lost.   As a side note let me say this is probably the first time I have read a print magazine outside of a waiting room in the last decade, even though once upon a time as recently as 10-15 years ago I subscribed to several of them on a  variety of niche special interests.

On a transitional subject, whose idea was the "tell a friend" ad on page 25 of the magazine, which which appears to show an all American young family that looks like it could have been taken any time in the last 35 years, with an insert text of member benefits which we have just been discussing as not appealing to the younger generation.


As to what would appeal to younger folks, maybe an online ask the experts Q&A to set things apart from the typical online message board where one has to sift through wrong, bad and offtopic answers when one asks a question about brake lights being stuck on, or problems with a water heater..    Again it is about wanting an  answer now, a poorly worded incomplete, but on topic accurate answer in minutes often beats a  well written in detail article 2 months from now.

It is not that younger people don't want to  attend rallies, it is  that they have many demands on their time and need to prioritize,  perhaps if the rallies were located closer to home and not 1,500 miles away (more regional rallies, vs big national events) and if they were located in locations with things for the rest of the  family to  do they would be better attended.   In other words if you want a rally to be well attended by younger families, have it some place near kid friendly attractions, this does not have to  be Disney world, but it is a good classic example.

The FMCA membership must have a wealth of knowledge, how about passing some of this on at rallies, and how about opening these regional rallies up to  want to be motorhome owners, on a limited guest pass basis.  I am imagining a so you want to buy a motorhome seminar that is not sales driven, followed by members doing a meet and greet and discussing and possibly showing off the models they own.     Nothing says recruitment like welcoming in prospective motorhome buyers.

The same goes for other one on  one interaction, passing on tips for cooking, maintenance, travel,  ... that can't easily be done online.     Remember younger members are likely less tp ne experienced ownerss, many have recently bought their first motorhome, and don't know what they don't know.

I better post this now the storm is getting worse here and the power is flickering


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OK, my fault as Moderator.

The last three posts on this thread were personal attacks-- both not allowed and not conducive to the discussion.

As most of you know, the software for the Forum changed this week.  Good job to staff for getting us back up.

So, in my attempt to delete the three personal attack posts, the whole thread disappeared.

I immediately e-mailed my contact on staff to see if he could "resurrect" the thread, while deleting the personal attacks. The delete/e-mail was sent at 5:07 Cincinnati time.

After their working all weekend on getting us back up, I do NOT expect an answer tonight.

Again SORRY.



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Well said...I'm 74, so the Tech age totally destroyed anything that I could share to folks half my age about RV'ing! 

Thank you for your thoughts!


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