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Indianapolis ENERGIZED Activities

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From the Facebook Group page

This email is being sent to all who are either on the Task Force or requested U60/ENERGIZED information.  This is from our facebook group page....some of the pictures will not copy here but they will be included on the email version you should receive this evening.

Welcome to FMCA ENERGIZED   (previously known as the Under 60 Task Force or U60) and we look forward to seeing you at the Indianapolis Rally.  This email is going out to those of us who have registered for Indianapolis and are either on the Task Force already or requested U60 Information on your registration form. 


The “Task Force” was started a few years ago to assist FMCA in helping to attract and retain younger motor-homers into our folds.  Over 500 members signed up.  In addition to those that have signed up for the Task Force we also have the ability to “check the box” on National Rally forms to request ENERGIZED information for upcoming rally specific events.


This is our third National Rally for ENERGIZED activities.  Almost 100 of us were at West Springfield last summer as we unveiled our new FMCA ENERGIZED Logo, Paint N Sip, KIDZ Meet n Greet, brewery tours and social activities at that rally.  For Chandler we grew to 120 members.  For the July Indianapolis Rally we will have over 200 members that are either on the Task Force or requested information to come play with us!! 


The purpose of this first email is it to get information to those that would like to join the gang by pre-ordering our ENERGIZED T shirts for Indianapolis.  We would also like to provide some information below regarding what we have planned and other options to play at the Rally in July.


For the past two National events we had shirts made up, pre-ordered and sold them at the rallys.  We then use that color shirt for some of our activities during the rally so we can find each other.  In the past we had a bright orange shirt (we still have about 14 of those left too)  For the Indianapolis shirt order we are going to pre-order light turquoise T shirts for $14 (provided we get enough orders).  The ladies will be a V neck shirt and the mens will be a regular T shirt.  These are light weight combed cotton so they are not only fashionable but they are cooler for the July Indiana weather.  Both the ladies and mens will have our FMCA ENERGIZED Logo on the front pocket area (no pocket on the shirt) and across the back shoulders.


To order shirts use the link below for two methods of sizing.  The first link you can measure your chest as instructed in the link.

The second link you can lay a T shirt that fits you flat on a table and measure the width one inch below the arm holes.  If your result is between sizes we suggest going to the larger size.


Ladies V neck










We will need to get our order by June 19 in order to give the vendor time to make them and get them to the Rally.  Email your shirt order (include name, mens or womens, size and quantity)  to FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com  We will hand the shirts out (and you can pay for them) at our first Rally Social Hour (time and location to be announced via email by Tuesday July 11 at noon).


Indianapolis ENERGIZED KIDZ Activites

ENERGIZED will again host the KIDZ Meet n Greet on Wednesday July 12 from 2pm to 2:45 at the shelter house in PioneerPark (see your rally guide for a map).  We currently have over 50 kids registered for the rally and intend to get them together on day one so they can meet other kids to hang out with at the rally.  At 3pm Mac the Fire Guy will come to the meet and greet and present a special session of Fire and Life Safety for the kids (age 10 and up with one adult). 


We have the outdoor shelter area at Pioneer Park (see your program map) reserved for the duration of the rally for our KIDZ Activities as well as our Adult Social gatherings (aka happy hours).


DOGZ on TOUR has been a big hit in Springfield and Chandler so ENERGIZED will also be sponsoring our DOGZ on Tour each morning at 8am.  DOGZ on Tour is an easy 45 minute walk around the rally grounds and it’s a great way to orientate yourself as well as tour the area...and you don’t need a dog to go for the walk.  Please join the EZ-Texting messaging service (see your program guide) to keep informed on updates during the rally.


We are finalizing our other adult activities and need to know which interest you.


Those other activities will include our social gatherings at the Pioneer Shelter building on the fairgrounds, the Indianapolis pub cycle ($30 each), bike riding the Monon Trail, Carmel farmers market on Saturday, chauffeured brew tours ($40 they would pick us up and drop us off).  If you are interested in the Pub Cycle or the Brew bus (or if you have other suggestions) please email us at FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com so we can begin to see how much interest there is.  Each pubcycle bike holds up to 16 people (must be at least 18 to ride/21 to consume).  We did one of these in AshevilleNC and it was a lot of fun!!  Each brew bus holds 14 people…we did one of these at Springfield and it was fun too!!  We definitely  encourage everyone to bring their bicycles with them to the rally as the Monon Bike path goes right next to the fairgrounds.


We will continue to use this email list to keep people informed of the options for ENERGIZED Activities for the Indianapolis Rally.  


Some of our ENERGIZED activities are listed in the program guide as FMCA ENERGIZED events and all are invited, regardless of age (see your program guide for more).  Some of our events are for the Task Force members only (and will be communicated via email) so we can meet, hang out and discuss our vision for the future of FMCA.  If you are on the Task Force and have friends you would like to bring to Task Force social activities please feel free to do so.  If you are not yet on the Task Force please fill out a Task Force Registration card at the information booth at Indianapolis or simply email Kathy at KAnderson@fmca.com to get added to future information on what we are up to and where.


If you are interested in our Facebook group page you can request access at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fmcau60taskforce  We use this page to talk about upcoming events and issues as well as communicating once we are at the rallys.  This is a closed group which means only members of the group can see post and post.  If you don’t do Facebook you can also get updates on the FMCA.com web page  https://community.fmca.com/forum/118-fmca-energized/ on events we put together after we get on the grounds at Indianapolis. 


Any questions or comments email us at FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest---- now Come Play with Us!!!

Jeff Walukonis


Email FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com




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If your signed up for Indy and are either on the ENERGIZED Task Force or requested ENERGIZED information as part of your registration you should have received two emails regarding our ENERGIZED stuff.  Shirts, pub cycle, bicycle trip etc.  These emails about Indy will come from FMCAmailchimp.com so check your junk mail it might have caught it.  If you didn't get the info and think you should have mail fmcaenergized@gmail.com.  To get added to the email list email Kathy at kanderson@fmca.com 

Attached is what the shirts will look like for us. They are $14 and must be ordered by Monday in order to get them printed and sent to the rally.  Detailed sizing links are in the previous post and the mail chimp email



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