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Potential Safety Issue with Thor Class A Coaches

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I have a 2015 Thor Tuscany 45AT on a Freightliner XCM Chassis e/w a Tag.  While the unit was at Freightliner for an alignment the Tech discovered that the brackets welded to the frame just forward of the rear dual drive wheels were extremely close to the Brake Chambers.  These brackets were added by Thor and are used to hold up the rear support rails of the basement storage.  The bracket are situated between lower control arm and the Brake Chambers on both sides.  The bracket is double sided.  it has a cut out on the inside which is designed to allow clearance of the Brake Chamber.  it also has notches on the outside which allow clearance for the Thrust Adjustment Nut and Bolt.  On my coach Thor installed the incorrect brackets.  The clearance was not even the thickness of a piece of paper.  The problem is that the Brake Chamber is mounted to the drive axle and the bracket is mounted to the body.  They both move independently and with very little static clearance between the two the bracket rubs or bangs against the Brake Chamber while driving or using the leveling system.  My coach was manufactured 1/15/2015. The drawing of the correct bracket was modified on 1/30/2015.  So, if you have a Tuscany regardless of Model and it was built before or even close to 1/30/2015 I would have it inspected and checked for any Brake chamber damage.  Thor customer service is not notifying owners. They told me it had to be a high percentage issue before they needed to do a recall.  When I confronted them with this issue they consented to covering the repair with little or no push-back.. I think they know that have a potential problem out there.  Freightliner (Tampa Truck Center), using the correct drawing obtained from Thor removed the Brake Chambers, used a plasma cutter and modified the Brackets and installed new brake chambers at no charge to me.  A repair that cost over $2000.00.  Pictures of damaged brake chambers and bracket drawings are attached. Image 8 is the correct bracket and image 9 is the incorrect bracket.  The brake chamber is loaded with a very strong spring used as your static brake when parked. If the back of the Brake Chamber comes apart due to damage that spring is turned loose and could do a lot of damage possible causing loss of air pressure.  And you know the consequences if that occurs.


Image (8).jpg

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