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Bridge Too Narrow to Pass

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1 hour ago, hermanmullins said:

Nonetheless we couldn't stop laughing.🤣


We watched a guy get a running start over a covered bridge right next to the campground in a class C. He made it out the other side and gut stuck partially through (You could hear him floor it and it was bogging down), backed up and rammed his way out. We all laughed, crying laugh's could be heard on that side of the campground. My friend that is a truck driver didn't find it amusing, he was the only one :lol:

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10 hours ago, wayne77590 said:

I've been on Hwy 30 also - nope - no rv.

Also been on Needles Highway. Those that took an RV up that highway probably saw the video of the tour buss going through that tunnel.

Tour Bus 1

Tour Bus 2

Inside the bus 1

Inside the bus 2

Malox or similar required on trip


My MH is too wide, 8' 6"; had enough trouble getting my 1T dually through that some years prior to buying MH.

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Ken, we were at Racoon Valley in September. Unfortunately not a good memory as we lost our Husky, Miya, on Sept 18th to Hemangiosarcoma.  

When were you there?

Done the Tail of the Dragon on MC. A 28 ft MH is about all it would be able to handle and then going around some of the hairpin turns one could see their own license plate.

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Quite a traumatic event when you loose a fur baby. I'm sure many have gone through it.

It happened very fast as can be read about if you search on Hemangiosarcoma.  It was a little more that overnight for Miya. The hospital veterinarian said that if they found the tumor and operated that she would have 1 to 3 months more.  Not a good choice to put her, or us, through.  Anyone who met Miya raved over her.  She was with us 24/7 since she was 8 weeks old and passed at 12-1/2.

In Memory:



She always had a smile - that's we called it.


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