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HDMI Cables

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We have a 2017 Palazzo Motor Coach that we bought in November 2016. Great coach - love to drive it!

Here's my situation.

We have three TV's...two inside and one outside.

I have a Monoprice Switch box to go between my DVD player and the TV's.

I have a small Directv box (that only gets me a signal, no DVR capabilities), a small Sony DVD player and the Monoprice Switch box. All connections to my devices are by HDMI cables, three tv's (three HDMI cables) connect to the switch box, my Sony DVD (one HDMI cable). The location for these devices are in a small shelf with a door. All three devices fit in this area, but fit very tightly. 

This is an RV. I get in it and I drive it places. It vibrates and bounces down the highway pretty good. Almost every time I get to my destination, my TV doesn't work because the HDMI cables have vibrated loose from the switch box.

I can not begin to tell you how frustrating this is. I can't see in there to make sure I'm getting the cables in the right location. It's just a mess. I've seen connectors with latches on them for electronics, but I've never seen anything remotely like this for my situation.

I have to believe that I am not the only one experiencing this.

Anybody got a solution for me? 

Thank you,

Tom and Yvette Sons

Angels Camp, CA



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If you have very flexible hdmi cables with enough slack, they shouldn't come unplugged.  I have traveled thousands of miles on bumpy roads and never had one come unplugged.

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As DD69 said, be sure there is slack in the cable. And if you have enough slack put the cable in a loop before you plug it in. 

the loop will absorb much of the vibration.


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