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1999 Tradewinds 7371: Fresh water Tank Drain Location

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I'm hoping that someone can help me.

We purchased a 1999 National Tradewinds 7371 from a family that was there father's. They didn't know much about it.

I've got everything almost figured out except 2 items: 1) where is the fresh water tank drain, 2) how and where do I drain the hot water heater.

I've tried to Google it but all the information wasn't useful. Any help needed.


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Welcome to the Forum. 

Your hot water tank has a drain plug close to the bottom of the access bay for the heater. It is a hex plug I believe it is 3/4 inches. Tank drain should be located in the Area for the pump.


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Like Herman said the plug on the hot water heater is easy to remove. I am pretty shure it is plastic. Be shure to turn the hot water heater off first. This is a good time to flush all the sediment out of the bottom of the hot water tank.

You should have low point drains for both hot and cold in the area by the water pump or in the wet bay not far from the city water connection.


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