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One Member One Vote

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This forum (ENERGIZED) is for members of the ENERGIZED Task Force and Under 60 Group to discuss our proposals for Gillette.  

Energized/U60 Members can also join the conversation at https://m.facebook.com/groups/854704651273774?ref=bookmarks

Attached are our three proposals (in a pdf)  to allow all dues paying members a vote at conventions and officer elections

Currently only Chapters get a vote at conventions and for officers.  For the past 20 years less than 30% of our 75,000 members belong to a chapter.  

These proposals, if supported, would allow one member one vote, regardless of any Chapter affiliation.

In Proposal #1 Members would not be precluded from voting electronically via a secure voting method offered by FMCA.

In Proposal #2 Members would vote for their convention delegates who would carry their vote to the floor or the Annual Convention to be cast for convention business  and the election of officers of the Association.

In Proposal #3 these delegates would vote for their Area Vice President (currently only Chapter can vote for these board members).

Please print them and follow the instructions on the top of the printed document for submission to FMCA for Consideration at Gillette.

If you are able----please solicit signatures from your FMCA Member friends. 



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Just a note from the moderator-- please keep this thread ON TOPIC.  The last one wandered all over and became somewhat personal rather than a discussion of the merits of the proposals.


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