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Heads Up For Yellowstone Workers

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We have been getting wind that Park County Wyoming will begin enforcing a state law requiring out of state worker $50 per month, per vehicle fee for Yellowstone National Park workers. A quick google search confirmed the prevailing wind.

A car and an RV equals $100.00 per month, up to four months. After that you have to register the vehicles in Wyoming. When you register the vehicles that requires transferring the title to a Wyoming title. Doesn't your driver's license have to match your plates? Then you get to change your insurance. The full season puts all seasonal park employees into the change everything category. Not to mention seasonal employees have a PO Box address. Those aren't acceptable for DMV purposes. Talk about a can of worms!  The law has been on the books a long time but nobody can find information on it being enforced on seasonal workers.

It doesn't sound like any of the employers are giving anyone a warning about this. Maybe they feel once you show up you are trapped. Every state has some kind of similar language about registering vehicles for long term residents. I haven't heard of the registration being forced on people who are moving down the road after the season ends. I don't know how they plan of enforcing it. It doesn't seem they are going after any of the other summer season RVers that work in the region. Just those at Yellowstone. 

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