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Tire Inflation

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On 8/16/2018 at 2:19 PM, Bsobania said:

Thanks for your reply.


BTW, when you upgraded your tires did you get bolt in metal valves installed too?

Luckily (surprisingly) the tire guys at Walmart caught this and added the high pressure valve stems. I would have never thought to upgrade them.

The tires are Carlie radials that I bought online and had delivered to me.

2830 load rating at 80psi 



etrailer has 80psi wheels https://www.etrailer.com/p-AM20532.html that match the 2800# load capacity of the tires. 


Truth be told I've never weighed the trailer and have no idea if the extra capacity is needed. Spending 160$ on new wheels that give me an extra 1200# capacity seems worth it regardless. I think I'm going to buy the above wheels before we start our second cross country trip next month.

I still think that at a minimum you need to get the RV on a truck scale when you have all the "stuff" you expect to normally carry = Full water & propane and food and clothes etc.

Related info but also valuable information few think about in THIS video. Not saying you have to get a new truck or replace the trailer but it covers important

things on weight and load that many don't always consider.

Having tires and wheels that are not overloaded is important but you know about the weakest link. Maybe taking a hard and realistic look at the "stuff" you carry along is in order.


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I'm going to weigh it at the next scale I see. This will be after we start our trip though because the closest scale I can find online is a few hours from here.

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