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Women Driving their A Classes

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My wife is a commercial motor coach driver when she decides to work (says she’s to busy visiting grandkids to take any trips lately).  She has given me many pointers on proper driving techniques (mostly when getting fuel so I don’t wipe out the pumps with the rear end).  We share the driving.  I usually drive in the morning and she takes the wheel after lunch so I can find a campground.  She is real good at backing in. 


Semper Paratus 

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My Queen is kinda sorta like Sammy Hagar:

One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey! 

Well, there's too much traffic she can't pass, no!

So she tried her best illegal move

Well, baby, blue and white come and touched her groove again!



I actually sing that to her when she is driving. Gets very aggravated.

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