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FMCA Verizon VS Tech-Connect

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I went with the Verizon hotspot because I signed up before FMCA negotiated the Sprint deal and I thought that the Verizon coverage area would be a better compliment to the T-Mobile service use on our phones. Now that I hear the Verizon plan isn't truly unlimited I'm wondering if I made the right choice. Has anyone done a comparison of the two plans including coverage areas?

So far, in the west and south my Verizon hotspot usually has a signal when my T-Mobile phone does not. More often the Verizon HS has a better signal.  However, coming up through Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan the T-Mobile signal was much better than Verizon. So, long story short I like that I have the redundancy the I was looking for. I am concerned that I would lose that redundancy if I went to Sprint because i thought I had heard that Sprint is on the ATT network like T-Mobil?



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