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Tow Dolly for a Scion xb

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Hi all,

First time RVer.  Just purchased a 2006 Monaco Diplomat 40 PDQ.  I will be towing a 2006 Scion xb with an Acme tow dolly.  Any advice or precautions I should be aware before I hit the road.  Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.


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Acme is a great tow dolly, but be sure to unlock the steering wheel on the vehicle, as this brand does not have a swivel plate. Hope you enjoy the hobby, happy tales and trails, Kay.

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Welcome to the forum. I used a Acme tow dolly for a couple of years before I bought my curent 4 down setup. I know what it says in the instructions but this method will prevent loose straps.


When you load the car on the dolly stop with about 2 in between the tire and front stop.  Place the hold down straps over the tires. Now place the car in neutral. Now tighten the hold down straps. The reason for doing it this way is the straps will not slide on the tire. This allows the tire to rotate forward and take the slack out of the back side of the strap. After the straps are tight you can put the car in park and set it up for towing.

Make Shure you set the car up based on the dolly manufactures instructions. Some need the steering locked and some like the acme need the steering to turn. Not doing this part right will cause damage to your car.

One other thing is be aware the dolly tracks outside the track of your Coach. You need to be aware when turning corners or just going down the road. Your coach might be in the smooth travel lane but the dolly might be off the right edge running on the rumble strip or hitting the lane markers. Watch your mirrors and you can get the hang of it pretty easy.

One bonus thing keep the ends of the straps tucked in out of the wind as they will fray and unravel and make them difficult to use.


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