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Engine Block Serial Number

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Hello fellas
Let me communicate you all that I am a newbie into the RV world, and buying my 1993 Safari Continental has been a journey. Since I bought the rig I've been fixing a number of things (mostly maintenance, and inside the couch stuff) right now I am faced with a problem since the motor harmonic balancer has an abnormal movement, and needs to be changed, however, my most trusted shop has been having difficulties getting that part of the motor (harmonic balancer) because we can't find the serial number.
I would highly be appreciated some help with two things:
1.- someone that has the same RV could provide me with the engine block serial number, please.
2.- some insight on knowing where the serial number of the motor hides?

Again the goal of this request is to be able to know the engine block serial number so parts department can track it correctly and get the appropriate piece for the motor.
Made: Safari Continental
Year: 1993

I believe it is a Cummins 8.1, 250hp diesel pusher with Allison transmission.

Thank you, thank you thank you in advance and looking forward to your responses.

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The engine Serial number is stored in the ECM, but getting it requires a reader. The other option is the coach builder and that could be a challenge also.

There a some members on the forum that a far more familiar with the engine serial number locations then I am. 

If you engine is a Cummings it is going to be an 8.3 L I think.


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I would take the coach to Cummins!  You could call REV group and talk to tech department.  Or call Cummins.  Surprised that your shop tech has not done that, or don't have a reader for the ECM.

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