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Uneven Tire Wear/Tire Rotation: Michlin XZA2 315’s

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 I have a class A Entegra Anthem 2011.

 It has Michlin XZA2 315’s on steering axle and 295’s on rear. The passenger side front is wearing a lot on outside.

I’m guessing the toe needs alignment. My question is can I rotate RF with the LF? The tires are only 3 years old and about 25K. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Good, well lit, sharp pictures of tread-wear conditions always help in understanding the question.

Yes, one side wear is many times an indication of an alignment issue. If when you check alignment the "before" measurements confirm out of spec then it is reasonable to conclude the wear issue was caused by alignment and not an early indication of some tire issue. In that case, it is probably reasonable to rotate tires.

If the "before" numbers indicate the alignment was in spec then you must have the tire looked at by a truck tire dealer for the brand tire in question.

NOTE. Once a tire has some irregular wear, it is almost impossible to make it go away. You might make it less noticeable or not get a lot worse. Also depends on how "bad" the wear is

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If alignment issue  you could have tires trued from a retreader then re install as they will age out before wear out so you will not miss the rubber 

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